Photography & PhotoShop Elements´╗┐

Colin Jagoe & Jeff Brown

The rise of digital photography has been phenomenal in the last few years. At this session, you can play with all aspects of photography and the digital tools available to all for post production. You'll learn to explore the range of software available to you, and to use it to do things from simple crops to complex effects and layered creations. If you've ever wanted to 'Photoshop' Uncle Peter out of one of your family photos, this is the place to learn it!

Through OSAPAC Ontario teachers have available to them Adobe's Photoshop Elements 8 (and earlier). This station will focus on the use of PS8 for all of the editing that commonly would be done. You'll learn how to use the built-in features of PS8 to help yourself learn anything in the program. We'll walk through a few tutorials, but more importantly, learn how PS8 makes the learning process for many of its features easy with its very constructivist approach.

A few copies of PS8 will be on hand for you to install on your own laptop, but if possible, arrange with your schools IT or Resources department to have it installed on your computer to allow you to spend more time exploring than waiting for it to install.

Please bring along, or have access to, photographs that you'd like to use to explore the possibilities. You'll be able to use a photo service suc as Flickr, to access photos, but having them on your computer or memory stick will make things go faster for you.

We can explore just about any aspect of photography you'd like to discuss. As with any learning, it will help you if you have pre-considered what kind of things you'd like to learn about.

Bring your camera too if you'd like!

There are tons of video tutorials on using Photoshop. Here's a few.
Learn Ontario - PhotoShop Elements 7
Adobe TV - Search for Photoshop Elements on Adobe TV