Facilitator Information


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- 150 total registered and the day is split so that you will do MOM twice:
- 8:30-11:30
-12:30 - 3:30

Participant to Centre Ratio

8 centres
75 people per session (approx)
approx 10 people per centre



Network will support the internet traffic
Two wired connections at each centre


Power grid will be laid to support the power needs of the attendees and their laptops
12 outlets per centre (facilitator laptop + Projector + 10 participants) - comings and goings will accommodate powering up


with screen and projector
BRING YOUR own small speakers if req'd. Gets noisy with industrial strength speakers. Or??


will be posted not he Layout page soon

Similar to this - but with 8 centres
Two tables per centre
12 chairs will be at each centre (with 10 extras at the side)