Building a Personal Learning Network for You and Your Students

Doug Peterson & Kelly MooreTake a look at your digital footprint with Google Search Stories ...

Wondering how to use high yield web 2.0 tools to build a rich personal learning network for you and your students?
You've been inspired for the past two days with ideas. Drop by to consolidate these inspirations and get started to make the most of the tools. Let's find some places to get started.

Twitter - Create your own network of educators.iGoogle - Personalized information based on interest - all on one page! Blogs - Create a forum for rich discussion.

Wikis - Use a wiki as a collaborative work space and create online digital portfolios for media works


Differentiate your student learning by targeting the web 2.0 to their learning styles. compiled by Kelly Tenkely.

Web 2.0

How does Twitter lead to the deeper, more critical thinking? How can blogs be used for critical discussions with authentic audiences? How can wikis support collaboration through inquiry based learning? Which Web 2.0 tools are best for online media portfolios and metacognitive reflection?

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Minds On Media Facilitators for this Session: - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Kelly's Google Search Story
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